Why the Category Name

I think I have to explain the category title for these posts. A little history lesson is in order. First, Lupus as a disease has it’s name because of the primitive thinking at the time it was discovered as a disease. Some will say that it’s because the pain was described as being like a wolf bite, others will say that it’s because the rash looked like wolf bites, but what seems to be the most accurate sources tells us that the Malar or “butterfly” rash across the cheeks and bridge of the nose was thought to look like the markings on a wolf’s face. A friend recently also mentioned that this was tied to werewolf legends. I guess they thought people were “turning” and that was residual. Wow. I suppose I’d find humor in that if someone I had only just met online through a mutual friend hadn’t made a joke about that when I was early in this whole process. People don’t think before opening their mouth sometimes… but I digress.

It has become the common mindset in the Lupus community at large to describe the disease itself as being a wolf, and talk about being in a fight with “the wolf”. Being that I am a traditional Native American, this doesn’t really work for me. Wolves are sadly presented in the media as vicious, snarling, evil predators that stalk you down and kill you the second you land in the wilderness and are vulnerable to their wicked ways. It’s rare that you see something as touching and insightful as the views presented in Never Cry Wolf, and Dances With Wolves (the latter pairing the plight of the wolf with the plight of the Native, in both loss of habitat and culture as a way of life and survival). Instead they’re the villain and to be feared. I’ve lamented that for many years. Ironically, here I am in the midst of needing answers about a disease that has people doing the same thing. It’s uncomfortable too, considering my familial clan in my tribal community is Wolf Clan.

I’m sorry if my feelings about this don’t make sense to the majority, or if they feel they just have to have wolves as a visual to pin it on, but I can’t promote the idea. Instead, I would wish for others to see themselves as I do. Wolves are amazing survivors and lovers. They have a powerful family structure and instinct for respectful order, as well as the intelligence to work together for the good of their pack. They’re rightfully a good symbol of devotion, strength, brilliance, wisdom, and even humor at play. I am not the victim of a stalking wolf. I am that wolf.




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