Aetna, Wish I Never Metya?

I don’t normally name names when it comes to companies and services, but I’m about to.

Aetna health insurance is being run by backward, uneducated, brainless, insensitive, ignorant, dishonest, uncaring LOSERS.

There just is no better way to say it.

They denied my application for extension coverage with my former provider. They made me wait until Oct. 1 when I lost my old provider and switched over before they would input my information that I had to fax to the idiots THREE TIMES before they got it together. Then they promised to have someone contact me the night before my next appointment BY FIVE THIRTY PM, and NO ONE EVER DID. I had to call them AGAIN before the sun was even up to get someone on the phone and demand an answer on the basis that I was tired of the many phone calls and being transferred around, not well enough to deal with the stress, and furious that I had been LIED TO. Then they deny it? It’s a good thing I didn’t trust them and went for an emergency scheduled follow-up with my old rheumatologist on the last day of September. They said my treatment with him didn’t qualify as necessary ongoing, such as pregnancy, transplant, or chemotherapy (last time I checked, that’s what these meds are but what the hell do I know). That was irritating enough. Here’s the beautiful part… They won’t cover my acupuncture treatments either. At all.

“Per Aetna’s Clinical Policy 135 for Acupuncture, Aetna considers acupuncture experimental and investigational for indications including but not limited to any of the following conditions, Chronic pain syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Rheumatoid arthritis, Irritable bowel syndrome, Myofascial pain, Neck pain or cervical spondylosis. There is inadequate scientific research assessing the efficacy of acupuncture compared with placebo, sham acupuncture or other modalities of treatment in these conditions.”

(What the hell is “sham acupuncture” anyway?) After all, it’s only been around since the Neolithic age, around 8000 to 3500 B.C., and been practiced openly in the U.S. for the last 50 years. It’s not like they’ve had time to evaluate anything – SILLY ME! What do I know. I’m just the girl with Fibromyalgia that hasn’t gotten any help from any med or physical therapy in the last 10 yrs and finally started feeling better after 3 acupuncture treatments. It must be a placebo and I’m off my dot. What was I thinking?

Fortunately, my acupuncturist for some strange reason gives a discount for Aetna members and is listed on the Aetna site as an approved practitioner. I have yet to get a sensible answer as to why that is, if they consider it not to be medically sound and won’t cover it for a patient that it has been prescribed for. I would love to understand that one. It is however going to cost me more than twice my former Kaiser copay.
Oh yeah, and Aetna is of the opinion that Kaiser Permanente Drs are “undereducated, and under qualified“. They said that KP withholds current technological advancement information from their Drs. to keep them compliant with the system. I bet it’s not legal for them to have that opinion, but that’s what I found out. Oops, did I out their booboo?


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