School? O.o

Yeah, I started school. I had to wait months for the ROP (Regional Occupational Program) class near me to begin, and all that time I was uncertain because the instructor told me the class was full. He said to show up anyway because there are always no-shows.

So I went the first day, January 10 and got there early. The girls in the officer asked me was I there for the CNA, to which I said of course.. No. When they finished with the woman ahead of me, and I said I was there for the Medical Terminology class with Dr. Crowder, they said yes you are going the same place as that other lady and that’s why I asked… Now, in my head I’m wondering if she’s hard of hearing or just slow. I told them three times while I was in there Medical Terminology. They say there is a test… you have to test in? Test in… for a CLASS? Ok, what kind of test? Oh, basic stuff.. english/grammar/spelling, math…. *screech!* Math? What math? I’m here for MED-I-CAL TERM-IN-OLOGY, I sounded out again. Yes, you have to test in and they can only take 30 people… *sigh* What kind of math…?

Long story short, after her talking to the instructor on the phone and telling me division, decimals (lost me there), I left completely crushed. I have Developmental Arithmetic Disorder and never could get how to work a division problem to stick in my head even overnight. Everyone always wants to “sit down with me” and “teach me what they know” like they’re some kind of magically blessed individual that can fix me. I’m sick of hearing that offer, let me tell you. I’m 43 yrs old… we’re done with that, move on. ANYWAY… I was at home for maybe 5 minutes in tears when I decided to email the instructor and let him know I wouldn’t be there today, and why. He called me back so fast I had barely left the keyboard and said, “No no no… they have CNA on the brain, so many people have been in there for it today. That’s not you.” I agreed that it didn’t make sense. He said, “There isn’t a test… well there is one, but I don’t care if you pass it.” LOL I was wondering what the hell math had to do with what I was there to learn. Anyway, he said not today because I’m doing enrollments and to come the next day – he would hold a space for me in the class. Thank God!

It seriously did fill up too. Not enough textbooks for everyone to use during class so some are sharing, and barely enough seats for everyone, and… he’s not adding anyone now. Someone came in to join yesterday and he sent them away. That book, by the way, is really expensive. I’d like to buy my own but, YOUCH! I priced it and said nvm! Doh. :-(

I must say I’m glad I waited. The instructor is lighthearted, funny, and very sweet. It makes the fact that I’m sitting in a room full of mostly high-schoolers a little less stressful. Since I never attended a public high school, that’s new. I’m accustomed to a much more formal environment when it comes to classrooms… where walking across the room munching on an Oreo cookie during class just wasn’t something you would see. I guess it works for them though.


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