Of Mice and Political Rants

Y’know… it’s funny.  I mean odd, not haha, or “that way” kind of funny.  I love many things about my friends but sometimes I see some unattractive traits that are truly dumbfounding.  People don’t need to be cookie-cutter, don’t get me wrong – I’m the first one to encourage individuality and say vive le difference!  It’s just when I see unpleasantness over trivialities, it’s disheartening.  Maybe it’s merely the difference in how we see things, and what is trivial vs. important to us each uniquely.  I’m taking a minute however, to put my perspective out there.

I’ve been an activist.  I still have my causes, though some have morphed a little.  I still stand up for what I believe about Native rights and incidents around that.  I still say free Peltier, and with conviction and sincerity I believe in that.  I’m still an avid conservationist, preservationist, nature-loving, culturally immersed, red earth Indian woman that I have always been.  I also still say that casinos are the worst thing that ever happened to us, and it’s a shame that sovereignty has become all about having one.  I’ve seen the ugliness.  I say all that to point out that I know what it’s like to have a driven political motivation.

I’ve said many times, many places, “They all suck!”.  I mean that.  Not one politician ever born is perfect, because man is not perfect.  I believe that power corrupts, and I believe that in giving them SO much power, we have allowed corruption to run rampant.  I don’t think any of us really know what a Democracy should be – not our generation – though we think we do.  It doesn’t run as it should.  We all know it and nobody wants to admit to it.  All the things we supposedly “don’t allow” in this country just happen in a clandestine manner, but they still happen.  Let’s just be real.  I don’t really care to discuss how that can be fixed because I don’t believe that it can be.  It just is.  Those that feel they have the life energy to work on it, I encourage you to follow that calling.  I don’t have it.

I could tell you what my party orientation is… but why?  It doesn’t change who I am.  I’m the same person you’ve always known, whether it’s been 20 years or 20 days.  I don’t ask people what theirs is because I’ve never felt the need.  It so doesn’t matter.  I don’t even look at party when I’m watching what a politician does in office – and for the record, I don’t care what they do at home.  I really don’t.  I don’t want them looking into MY home life, so why would I look into theirs?  Too many people these days are screaming a double standard when it comes to privacy.  What I care about is how actions affect me, and that my friends is not based on being a Democrat, a Republican, a Libertarian, or anything else.  It’s based on your basic ability to show concern for the rest of humanity.  What I want to know about another human person is whether they are passionate, compassionate, sensitive, generous, intelligent, intuitive, and that their actions effecting others have a moral base… of some sort.  Honesty.  If you know me, you know I value that above all else.  I also don’t believe we should hunt public figures like an angry mob with torches for personal information to the point they feel backed into a corner and must lie to protect themselves.  That’s insanity at it’s best.  It makes the aggressor’s just as guilty.

I don’t make it any secret that I’m unhappy with the current administration.  I would be lying if I did that.  I have to state plainly however that it has nothing to do with party affiliations.  It has everything to do with how it has affected me, personally.  I can past a lot of flaws, and accept that no human is perfect or will please everyone in that office.  I cannot accept a massive number of flaws being flaunted and a blind-eye turned to the harm being brought to many people.  So let me tell you a little story….

I used to have Kaiser for my health care.  They had their issues, it’s true.  I screamed about a lot of problems there but I was able to make it work, and more than that my medical needs were met at any hour of the day or night that I needed help.  The records were accurate and accessible, and the Drs had decent educations along with great medical equipment for testing and treating their patients.  The facilities were clean and orderly, as well as in good repair, and there was sufficient staff at them all.  In the end, the only real issue I had there was this one primary care physician that was dismissive and self-absorbed.  I believe I could go back to them and choose another pcp and get along just fine.  I had a FABULOUS rheumatologist that worked with me to find answers, and respected my education deeply.  Kaiser even covered acupuncture.  That’s progressive and beneficial.

I don’t have Kaiser anymore.  I have Aetna.  Aetna thinks acupuncture is unproven and will not pay for it, in spite of testimony from former physicians that believed in it and evidence that it was helping me with the Fibromyalgia.  Aetna also has a network of physicians that is an absolute circus to navigate, and I am constantly fighting not only to find one I don’t want to whack upside the head but that I can actually get an appointment with in less than THREE WEEKS MINIMUM when I call!  Can you tell I hate Aetna yet?

Why do I have Aetna?  Well, the household income-providing employer played “chicken” with Kaiser as they usually would in yearly contract renegotiations… and lost.  Kaiser said they wanted a 20% increase, the company said they wanted 5% as they’d gotten in the past, and Kaiser said basically “screw you, 20% or byebye”, and that was that.  Being that it would have translated to another $100 a month for us on top of the already $75 a week… the company decided it wasn’t affordable and Kaiser went POOF.  Now don’t get me wrong on this either, it was alot more money and would have hurt us.  I believe however in having CHOICES.  At no point has this company offered choices.  Well… you have a choice.  Insurance or no insurance.  So we end up with Aetna, which has forced all employees to switch Drs a minimum of 3 and as many as 7 times in the first 4 months of having this package just trying to find someone with a brain to take care of their families.  I would rather have the option of having to find a way to come up with more money if it means better medical care.  I have some very serious needs.  What is it costing us if we’re not treated correctly?

Why did this happen?  Obamacare.  There, I said it.  The insurance companies became so worked up over the fear that they would not be able to raise rates later on that they panicked and drove the cost up to a ridiculous degree immediately.  The end result was I could no longer afford the health care provider I’ve been with for SEVEN YEARS that has all my records and information, and the Drs that got me some reasonable diagnoses and help finally, and all the nice clean buildings and available staff that I need for my many, many health difficulties.  You see… this affects me, quite directly.  It hurt me.  It’s still hurting me now, many months later.  My medications cost more now too.  That hurts me.  Change.  Yeah… we got change alright.

I’m just one woman.  I run a private support group and am a member of others, and they are all full of women and men alike being harmed by this situation on a daily basis.  We are people waiting for a cure, and in the mean time clawing desperately for a better quality of life for as long as there is no cure.

Be unique and love the differences, my friends.  Just be aware of what your chosen representatives are doing to your friends and neighbors lives before you yell so loudly how righteous you think their causes and actions are.  Admit to their failings like an intelligent and honest person should, and let those of us that are suffering know that matters to you on some level.

So did anyone want to ask me again why I hate the current administration so much?



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