Violent Wacko (formerly titled Becker)

Most everyone has seen the story in the news by now about this woman that cut off her soon-to-be ex-husband’s genital member (I’m keeping it G rated as my page is listed). By now we’ve also probably all seen various comments on web sites, in groups, on news sources, and many of them come from crass individuals that seem to think it’s a big joke. Those are bad, but the worse to me is the vicious females I’ve seen applauding this violent criminal behavior. I can’t sit and not say anything about it.

 I am disturbed – as anyone should be – that a female anywhere would perpetrate a mutilation of this nature. Worse, it was not a violent situation of self-defense. It was a plotted abduction wherein she fed him a drugged meal, tied him up, and assaulted him brutally. If you’re reading this, and you are one of those women that had a private chuckle over it, or thought to yourself that she is some kind of heroic Amazonian for female justice… STOP. First of all, please don’t ever read my page again. I don’t want you here. This was nothing more than a psychotic, violent, and unnecessary CRIME. How dare anyone crack jokes or sing the praises of someone that would do such a thing.

What bothers me even more is that these women parading around a banner of lauding her actions are the very ones that would be tragically outraged if it had happened to a woman. Any woman. No matter the circumstances, women everywhere would be screaming “kill the bastard” for having destroyed a woman’s body unjustly. Where did this male-bashing crap come from anyway? Who do these troops of crazed harpies think they are? Have you completely lost your mind? You want men to respect females because of their societal role… nurturers, givers of life, comforters…. but you display none of that in these moments, and give nothing back. Respect is a two way street and for both parties it must be deserving. I despise “women’s libbers”, FYI. It has done more to harm us than help us. It is not the same thing as equal rights. It is in that pro-feministic, almost warlike response that we have lost ourselves. Fight for the right things in the right way. Two wrongs to not make that right thing happen.

You can process the bad things that have happened in your life and move on with wisdom and growth. You can instead choose to wallow in filth, simmer in hatred, and come out an ugly, violent, seething, unpleasant creature – pretty face or not – that no one should want to be around. While you’re doing that, you’re giving the rest of us a bad name! Men do not need to be made to fear us. If that’s your goal, shame on you again. We have enough fear in this world, and enough violence, and enough horror. It doesn’t need to be brought home intentionally. You are a product of your environment, but you get to choose what that product IS. Choosing to take the path of lashing out is nothing but pathetic immaturity.

 Catherine Kieu is a criminal. So was Bobbit. There is no excuse for mutilating another human being in these types of situations. They are not heroic. They are damaged.


Added notes 7/17/11:

Various news sources have skewed the facts and scrambled them.  It seems that this couple was already at the very least already separated and still living together as roommates while she worked on trying to return to her country of origin, Vietnam.  (In the state of CA there is a 6 month waiting period, and he filed in May, so they couldn’t already be legally divorced… but you can be legally separated.)  The blurb about “argued about friends staying at the condo” is her getting jealous about his female guests.  She has had money issues the 7 yrs she’s been in this country, and was all over dating sites from 2004, and has a tax lien to the tune of around $4K from 2005.  No wonder she can’t get the hell out of here.  I feel sorry for the guy that decided to marry her in 2010 only to be butchered after they parted ways the following year.  He was helping her out by not tossing her out, if you ask me.  She repays him by slicing him up to keep him from moving on with his life?  What really appalls me is that she will likely have the possibility of parole, whatever her sentence.  Do we really need this kind of person loose in our society?  I say if she ever gets out, send her back to Vietnam.  They can keep her!


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  1. Donna Niforos

    Any act of violence is wrong, perioid. It is not ok under any circumstances. We have had the brutal practice of female circumcision brought to public awareness and we were appalled.. It is still in practice in parts of Africa as well as in the US, where young females are held down and forced to endure this brutal, excruciatingly painful ritual, and when we learned about it we as a nation have tried to stop it. It removes the God given pleasure center that women were born with and somehow it became a piece of female anatomy that hundreds of thousands of women have been denied because of ritual. It isn’t ok for women to achieve orgasm or pleasure? How did that become ok? How did that become a right of passage? Wrong! Wrong! Wrong!

    So what is the difference? I don’t know anything about this woman other than her husband wanted a divorce. Did he abuse her? Did he cheat? Whatever the circumstance, she drugged this man she once loved and did the unthinkable. Why didn’t she just leave? I don’t understand that kind of hatred and I never will! I have personally joked that justice would be Lorena Bobbit and Joey Buttafuoco sharing a jail cell. It was a joke, but I didn’t mean it, what Bobbit did was a violent act and unacceptable. Even she didn’t put the organ in a garbage disposal and turn it on. What kind of justice will this man ever have? I can’t think of anything that will ever be able to (I was going to say “fix” him, but than I thought about how we “fix” male dogs and cats) make him whole again. He is handicapped forever. His manhood is gone and will never return. No act that he has ever done could make him deserving of such an act. And so we wait to see what justice will be put upon this crazed wife.

    Ok, women’s lib…now you have me going. I was a stay at home mom for many years despise a nursing degree. I loved staying home with my kids. I was a better mother for it. My kids knew I was there when they came home and they grew up in that ideal world where their mommy and daddy loved each other and works in symphony. Then woman’s lib came into the picture and being a stay at home mother all of a sudden became looked down upon. I was lucky. My husband could support us and I had the priviledge of raising my family from home. I was very fullfilled, I was never bored and I was involved in every aspect of my children’s lives. It was a good thing. Yes, I missed nursing, but I kept up with my continued education studies and stayed on top of my profession. All was well and when my husband died, I had to go back to work. I was accepted then as a productive woman. Let me say that as hard it is to work as a nurse, it was far harder being a stay at home mom. Now I had 2 jobs to juggle and it was hard.

    I believe that the woman’s movement, that provided higher wages for women, title 8 (I think that’s the number) so that young girls could participate in all sports, was a good thing. It also changed the face of the nation’s economy (in my opinion) and soon it became “necessary” for women to go to work just to make ends meet. Funny thing is, by the time they paid for childcare, and if you add up the hours they had to spend just doing the housework, the endless take out meals because they were too exhausted to cook, and the guilt that came along with not being available for their children, most women weren’t adding to the family income, in some cases they were actually losing money. But women had to feel “fullfilled”! I was more than fullfilled as a stay at home mom. There is no disputing that the woman’s movement changed the face of the American family, kids come home to an empty house and in many cases get into a lot of trouble.

    So, yes, I agree, the woman’s movement and everyone that fought for it , did this nation a disservice. I’m sure there are many who disagree, but I believe that it did and we have all paid for it, in wages, in lost time with our families, and with a feeling that we will never go back to the time I cherished so much.

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