I thought I had my foot in the door finally.  My primary seemed to understand my needs and he was setting me up for a Nerve Root Block.  It took a week for the medical group authorization, and then it got faxed after the following weekend to the lab.  I was told on Monday I’d hear something in 2 days.  On Thurdsday I decided since it was the FOURTH day of the week it warranted another call.  Oh they had it and would schedule me alright….

Here’s where we have a problem.  My Dr KNOWS I am a Fibromyalgia patient.  He knows that I’ve been through a lot of pain and been mistreated by prior physicians.  He knows I have anxiety disorder with panic attacks, and white coat hypertension.  He knows I’m traumatized.  I made it clear I wanted to be sure this was done in a hospital setting under fluoroscope, and he said oh yes of course….  but what never occured to me was that any location doing this procedure would have a policy against using anything other than Local anesthetic.  Dear God.  Having been with someone going through this procedure twice previously, my familiarity with it was of COURSE we’ll give you light sedation so you don’t feel pain and become distressed.  In fact, everything I read about it recently indicates they can even give you Level 2/Twilight so that you usually don’t even remember the event.  Not these people, nooooo!  My jaw dropped while I was talking to her on the phone and I felt nauseous.  I said Yeah…. I’ll get back to you… (not!), and hung up.  What to do now?  Like they really need a panic stricken patient in their O.R., and like I really need that kind of stress.  Being that we already know I have a heart condition, you would think their priority would be what everyone keeps telling me this medical group is foremost concerned with – alleviating suffering.  This should include the patient’s mental and emotional status without question.  Apparently they think all patients are created equal.

I won’t go into my Dr. Mengele experiences of the past.  Suffice it to say that I’ve had awake procedures that left me traumatized, and I’m well aware of how little a Local anesthetic does for me.  Its a quirk of physiology for some people, and I’ve got it bad.  Dental work is like just asking someone to torture me intentionally.  It’s horrible and I think the next time I have any done I’ll have to ask for sedation for that too… because I’m just not 20 yrs old and I can’t tolerate it anymore.  A person could have a stroke pushing their blood pressure that high.  Honestly, I don’t know what they were thinking with this.

I left a letter for my Dr.  I explained the situation and what’s wrong with it.  All I can do now is wait, but they’ve blown my time frame as I have to travel next month.  I’m pretty sure they won’t remedy this for me before I have to leave and that means a risk for another flare-up while I’m away.  I’m going to have to be extremely careful, and that’s all that I know to do.  I had expressed the importance of watching the calendar on this to him too.  *sigh*  At this point I’ve been dealing with low back and sciatic symptoms for so long that I have to wonder what damage is being done.  Crushed nerves is a bad thing.  The constant pain in my calf over the last year or two tells me there is L1-L2 involvement, not just the L5-S1 they determined from the old xrays 2 yrs ago.  By the Dr’s and my interpretation of pain location, I’ve got 3 sites causing me trouble.  That’s why I ran from the suggestion of doing an SNRB under a local.  Not 1… not 2… 3 injections.  If you’re uninformed and curious about the procedure and the size of those needles, Youtube has some lovely videos.  (Ack!)  I don’t need to be feeling any of that, thanks!  I really hope he refers me to someplace that will treat me as needed without a fuss.

There seems to be a real insensitivity to unique patient needs in medical facilities of late.  When I had a Lipoma removal done (a third attempt and correction of two prior ones that were awful), by a plastic surgeon in Northern CA… he looked rightly horrified at the thought of not putting me under.  He said no way he would do this without me being asleep.  It was scarey being under general anesthesia for the first time, but having done it with great results, I’m all for it now.  Waking up as though I had a nap is far superior to feeling and hearing someone slicing and pulling things out of you, believe me.  Maybe there are a bunch of butch people out there that can hop on the table, take a Local, and let themselves be harpooned without any lasting emotions about it.  Call me a wuss, I don’t care.  I think if I’m paying for care, then my concerns have to be addressed the way I need them to be… not to someone else’s convenience.


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