NFH Eviction


NFH (neighbors from hell)… the kind that just won’t seem to ever go away.

You ever know someone that you just watch them flush their life and do nothing to stop an obvious train wreck headed at them? Three adults couldn’t get it together well enough to at least communicate with the person holding their ability to stay in their house, and they let it go to a lock-out. Unbelievable. Months of opportunity to be looking for another place to live, putting things in storage, and they wait till it’s a panic and they’re being thrown out in days before anything budges. Then it’s can I store this in your yard? Can I park my truck in your driveway? Can I leave my huge potted plants on your lawn? Can I put my washer and dryer over there?

Being a grown up comes with responsibilities. It’s not just about paying the bills (which obviously they didn‘t). It’s about handling matters maturely. If they’d talked to someone when it went into foreclosure, they wouldn’t now be living in an RV in another neighbor’s driveway. Maybe they also wouldn’t have nothing better to do than peek out their curtains at me when I’m in my front yard… the one NOT in foreclosure… MY yard. So the likely drug-induced fantasy is this… I’m slamming my security screen because I’m mad at them for something. Uhm… I’ve been slamming my door for 4 years to make sure it latches so my cat doesn’t get out. They just hear it more now because they live in a CAMPER. Not my fault, not my problem. I can’t really feel much sympathy considering one of them has treated me like crap for years without any provocation. So now that their self-made disaster is a reality, somehow what I do on my own property is their business because they can see me from right across the street. I don’t think Narcissa has anything on these clowns. Where is William Shatner when you need him? Get a life!

I feel for people in genuinely tragic circumstances. A lot of people in this economy have lost jobs and lost homes, and it is sad. In this case it was a house full of addicts, one of whom just refuses to work or do anything constructive. I was really hoping they’d actually be GONE finally, and find somewhere else to live. No such luck.


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