New Video Project – I Am That Wolf

Okay so, I’m working on a new video project that may take some time but I believe it will be worth the effort in the long run. It’s taken on a life of it’s own and I am grateful to the members of the Lupus community that are stepping up to participate. I believe that it is our responsibility to not just show the world the “ugly side of Lupus”, because anyone can do that with snapshots of rashes and hospital stays.. and really, our job isn’t to horrify the public. If you have it, you know it’s awful at times. If you have a loved one that has it, you have some clue to that as well. It takes seconds to inform someone that it’s a destructive disease. If that’s ALL you do, then all you have done is create sadness and quite possibly.. pity.

What I think many people miss is our adaptability, our strengths, and our spirit. So do you want to be the object of “I feel sorry for you”, or do you want people to say, “Omg… that’s amazing”? I have that reaction to my inspiration, Montel Williams. Amazing. He doesn’t invoke a “sorry for you” response because he’s determined and productive. If I ever let go of that motivation myself, someone slap me, please. I hit rock bottom in 2006 and I really don’t want to ever go back there again. So this project is about both sides of the coin, but very definitely highlights our capabilities. We live with pain, we manage it, we live around it… but it doesn’t define who we are or own us. That’s the message I am after. I hope that if you’re reading this, you will check back to see what it’s about when we’re done. In the mean time there will be other little things uploaded. Thanks for looking in.



About Tala

-Livestream Broadcaster - Active in Periscope & Busker -YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook Pages Advocacy for better quality of life with catastrophic illness & injury. Conditions I live with myself are my awareness platform: rheumatic autoimmune & neurological, women's heart disease Traditional First Nations (Native American) -Training: Tai Ch'i Chuan, medical terminology, cultural Medicine -Avid about hiking, camping, & outdoor adventure Special Interests: Natural health, everything from East Indian to East Carolina cuisine, 16th Century German fencing Favorite Travel Spots: Yosemite, Catalina Island, E. North Carolina, Northern CA redwoods/coastal rainforest ~I live as naturally as I can, stay on a whole foods diet (as in what I eat, not as in "a diet"), avoid as many synthetic meds as I can, and do not consume artificial sweeteners and most preservatives. If you're curious about why, see my posts.~ Periscope/Twitter ID: Tala_NoExcuses

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