About Tala

I’ve never really been the kind of person that you could push around – not if you wanted to get positive results anyway.  I may be considered opinionated but in my estimation that’s a far sight better than not having one about anything.  I never expect people to agree with me, but I do demand courtesy and common respect.  I value honesty over most anything but I don’t believe that should be used as an excuse for rudeness.  A good friend once aptly described me as the girl who never does anything halfway, and that’s likely a profound truth.  I can discuss almost any topic as long as it’s not intended to be insulting or a heated debate.  I’m not offended by someone having a different view, as long as it’s not blatantly, morally debase.

As a traditional Native American, I honor my culture with my lifestyle and beliefs.  I am spiritual, not religious.  That may be unconventional to some but it keeps me alive.  I am also pretty much starting life over after 40 and it’s not an easy road.  The decisions get harder as you get older and no one seems to understand why you do what you do when it’s what you really need.  I’ve been through a lot with my health over the last few years and it doesn’t seem to be getting any easier.  I had to rethink my entire way of existing and relearn how to do many things.  There are some that come into your life and make you feel young again, and for that I am eternally grateful to the very core of my being.  I also hold dear the very, very slim few that have been true and consistent friends to me over the years.  It’s a short list.  You know it if you’re on it.

If you’re here reading my blog, then I thank you for your time.  I know it is of value, because we all have our limitations and our own needs.  I will wish that each time you stop by, somewhere in my words, you find something of value to take with you when you leave.  Well met.


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