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THRIVING With Invisible Illness

Tala's Tracks

I have to keep talking about this two-sided coin.  I will advocate all day long for autoimmune and neurological patients deserving compassion, respect, and accommodations for their health conditions, and I am going to advocate for all of us to reach for as much as we can grasp in our lives as well.  We live in a very strange zone that is unique to our very unusual health profiles.  Most healthy people that we encounter are going to have a very difficult time understanding it initially.  Some may never “get” the half of it.

I was very invested in watching Steve Irwin’s programs before his tragic death.  His vitality and energy, and the sheer joy you could see it sparked in him to interact with nature the way that he did was just so amazing.  He took chances that made me cringe at times, but I can’t be any more critical of…

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Being a Real Warrior

I remember these tests I used to take when I was in counseling… temperament sorters. One of the questions asked in the “which is more important” list is honesty or kindness. I can never answer that in good conscience, because I simply do not believe that one can exist and function as a normal, healthy, adult in society without exercising both.

Anyone that knows me well knows that I value honesty above all else. That does not however excuse anyone’s need to blurt whatever they are thinking. Sensitivity to others is just as important, and you don’t always need to say what is on your mind. I believe the applicable saying here is that discretion is the better part of valor. If you want to go with childhood rhetoric, then “If you don’t have anything to nice to say, don’t say anything at all” works. I don’t believe in keeping everything bottled up, don’t get me wrong. I just see a trend lately where people feel justified in regurgitating their bitterness and distress all over the internet. Then they sit back and say, “What? I’m allowed to have an opinion.” You are. You are also expected to have a conscience about how your actions affect others. If it’s of no concern to you that words can cause hurt, and you don’t care about fellow humans, then by all means blurt away. In the mean time, I will be spending time with my friends that understand compassion and accommodation for the feelings of others.

There is more than enough hatred to go around. We don’t need to add to the pool, so learn to temper yourself a little. Be a REAL warrior. Warriors are not about attacking everything in their path. They are disciplined and introspective creatures that take steps sincerely and know when to stop and observe in silence. That is an honorable path to walk.

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