* Tala on You Tube *

I recently got back into photography actively.  Along with my stills I decided it was time to take some video of the outdoors I am finally once again enjoying, and I wanted to take my Lupie pals along – even if only vicariously.  On my You Tube channel you will find a few formats.  One is my personal story about illness & diagnosis.  Several will be places I’ve hiked and camped.  One at present is stills set to music, and there will be more like that eventually.  Whatever catches your eye, I hope you will watch at least a couple of them.  Enjoy.


~ Tala Smith’s You Tube Channel ~

(clickable link)

  1. Hi Tala,

    Thank you so much for writing this blog. I am a suffering SLE patient. I was diagnosed 5 years ago and still haven’t been able to cope with the disease, the ability to not be able to work, the stress involved with not working which in itself can cause a flare. I tried a support group and it was not comfortable or comforting to me but blog nailed everything I feel.

    Thanks again,


    • You’re welcome and I’m glad it helps. :-) I have found that the Facebook Page environment works much better than Groups. Groups tend to collect people into an environment where their focus narrows to mostly complaining about their difficulties and sorrows, and not much in the way of finding solutions. I belong to very few support groups at this point, and participate in them very little. If you need more positive-vibe reading, I suggest you check out Mariposa Climes in Facebook. I have a few pages but that one is specifically about thriving in spite of challenges, taking back quality of life, and reaching for goals.

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